Top 10 Must-Have FREE iPad Apps for Seniors

FREE iPad Apps for Seniors

We already realize that in spite of humanity's failure to completely stop cancer and other maturing related diseases following right after them, modern medicine and other technological marvels are permitting more and more people to enjoy longer lives. It is no wonder then that seniors are the nation's fastest developing demographic gathering those who are 65 years old and older continue to swell in number. In this context, the dispatch of Apple's iPad and its succeeding versions are such a godsend-no sweat of usage and without the often difficult learning curve associated with conventional computers, the iPad and comparative touchscreen devices seem to have been designed solely for seniors-a demographic gathering whose members are otherwise known to be averse to technicalities. 

Depending on who's doing the checking, there are around 15 to 20 million iPads out there. A ton of those huge number of iPads are owned by seniors. In case you're a senior and you've quite recently purchased your own iPad, you should realize that the accompanying iPad apps ought to be in your tablet device immediately! 

IBooks: iPad's de facto ebook reader, the iBooks app is an essential piece of your reading arsenal. You can make the text size bigger or make other adjustments to make the reading easier on the eyes. It likewise has a number of clever features, for example, comments devices you can even print out or email your explanations. In the event that you own several devices made by Apple, for example, the iPhone or Macbook, you can synchronize the ebooks you're reading in every one of these devices, down to the exact page you last stopped reading. Incredibly convenient. 

Kindle: on the off chance that you instead love purchasing your ebooks from Amazon.com, then you will need its free ebook reader called Kindle, which is additionally the name of Amazon's own proprietary image of electronic ink-based ebook reader. The Kindle app connects your iPad to one of the internet's largest indexes of ebooks, so on the off chance that you discover satisfaction in reading, you can't turn out badly with this app installed on your device. A huge in addition to is the capacity to download free sample chapters of ebooks from Amazon. 

Flipboard: we already know how seniors are enthusiastic about long range informal communication sites. Presently, the Flipboard app makes it a lot easier for seniors to connect with friends or fundamentally anyone with the same interests on the internet. To state that Flipboard is an elegant long range interpersonal communication app might be an understatement-indeed, Apple itself named it "App of the Year" for the clever way it combines your access to different long range informal communication sites like Twitter and Facebook. Not just that, it likewise aggregates your RSS memberships, so you can read the news feed in one go. 

ABC: on the off chance that you love staring at the TV shows, then the ABC app is for you. It lets viewers watch recent ABC shows on their iPads at no charge by any means. A reminder, however: you should use earphones to make sure you don't pass up anything. 

Netflix: on the web, Netflix is a service that permits its customers to order movies and other videos on the DVD design. The app fundamentally works similarly, yet with the technological benefit of streaming video (perfect for those with decent broadband connection). Be that as it may, while the app is free, you will in any case need a paid Netflix record to order videos. 

Google Earth. This app reminds you-and beautifully demonstrates-the awesomeness of the device's implicit worldwide situating system (GPS) capabilities. Introduce it on the iPad and you'll be able to consistently know where you are exactly-it is pretty clever in case you're wondering where to go or simply discover your way around a new city. Google Earth is normally best when paired with the iPad's underlying Maps feature. 

Zinio. In the event that iBooks or Kindle are for books, then Zinio are for magazines. Many significant periodicals produce content specifically optimized for viewing on the iPad-that is the reason reading them is like treating the eyes to some sweets. With the Zinio app, you'll get to read the current feature stories in a number of magazines for free, yet being able to read the entire magazine issue will even now require you to consume some bucks. 

The Weather Channel. Seniors are vulnerable to sudden changes in the weather, that is the reason introducing the free Weather Channel app will keep you updated on the latest weather conditions and forecasts. The app provides maps, radar sweeps and even videos-simply enter your ZIP code. 

Epicurious: in the event that you love to cook, this app makes it very easy for you to discover recipes to your favorite dishes-and even encourages you to discover previously obscure yet delightful ones. 

WebMD: based on the mainstream medical website, the WebMD app is a convenient and very useful reference, especially for seniors. Among its functionalities is a side effect checker, a rundown of emergency treatment essentials for any medical emergency, an extensive database of medications and treatments, and an apparatus that helps you identify your pill. 

This special rundown of the best 10 free iPad apps is in no way, shape or form complete, however this selection fundamentally adjusts the most well-known needs of seniors-from entertainment, to safety, to medical awareness.


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